Reaching New Heights. One Skill at a Time.


Sunday, July 28th - Saturday, August 3rd

Calvin Crest Campgrounds in Oakhurst, CA

Children 7-13 Years Old

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Transportation is available on demand.


Do you remember the simple joy of flying a kite?

Children learn best through first-hand experiences, and there’s no better place to have those experiences than outdoors, surrounded by natural beauty.

We are a unique, productive DIY learning program that helps children build real, practical skills. Our one-week overnight summer program is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience in Northern California.

We also believe that every child deserves a chance to go to camp. Our need-based scholarships will fully sponsor 10% of applicants to attend our summer program and have the adventure of a lifetime.


Our Mission

Go back to the basics.

Build practical life and leadership skills.

Gain confidence to reach new heights in a caring community.

Leave technology behind!

These are our values and we live them every day. Through clear expectations around respect and responsibility, we can create a safe and inviting community where everyone feels comfortable expressing their true selves and learning together.

Our Philosophy

At Fly Your Kite, we help children continuously develop practical life skills that THEY CHOOSE through patient, self-guided growth.

Learning happens through experience in a fun and safe environment.

Flyers can develop and explore their favorite skills all year round.

During the summer, we have a one-week program and during the school year, we provide monthly programs and meetups around the Bay Area. This allows Flyers to keep in touch with summer friends and make new ones.